Probably a Heretic

I am probably a heretic. The plain definition of the word is enough to find me guilty. A person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted. So there you go. Heretic. You can trace the word heretic back to a greek word meaning “able to choose.” Two for two! Heretic! Now you might say that the two … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyProbably a Heretic

Marshawn Lynch Debacle

Marshawn Lynch hosted a press conference yesterday as a part of the NFL’s Media Day. It was a complete disaster. Here’s how he opened the presser: “Oh, it’s starting? Well, then let me start. Hey, I’m just here so I don’t get fined. So y’all can sit here and ask me all the questions y’all want to. I’m going to … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyMarshawn Lynch Debacle

404 Friday – January 23

It’s 404 Friday! These links would be great!! If you don’t know relevant, you should. It is a fantastic source for good thoughts, causes, and performances. One of my favorite things to do is peruse their live performances and find new bands or new songs from old bands that I love. In this live, acoustic performance of Baby, Baby, … Read More

Benjamin Neeley404 Friday – January 23

Flimsy Truth

This is one of my favorite signs. My dad made this sign years ago for a church in a small town in Arkansas. It originally said: “CHURCH of CHRIST 3/4 MI.” because this is what they told my dad to make it say. After it was installed, the church had a bit of a dust up about how far the … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyFlimsy Truth

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. set me free in a way that I doubt he intended. The battles he faced were so serious and world-changing that he might have never considered the problem I faced, but he addressed it anyway. I was raised in a Church of Christ (pronounced: churchochrist). The Churches of Christ in my part of the world were absolutely … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyMartin Luther King Jr.

404 Friday – January 16


It’s 404 Friday. Here are some links that would be helpful. Matt Walsh has correct opinions! Period! Exclamation mark. He is passionate about everything he writes and so are his many facebook fans. Sometimes his correctness can come across as arrogance especially if you are one of the moronic fools with whom he disagrees. This is why it was … Read More

Benjamin Neeley404 Friday – January 16

404 Friday January 9


It’s 404 Friday!! As always, here are some helpful links that would be great for ministers and regular humans. Scot McKnight’s blog on the patheos network is an excellent source for the minister who doesn’t have the time to read all he or she wishes to read. Dr. McKnight is particularly known for his Pastor’s Bookshelf series in which … Read More

Benjamin Neeley404 Friday January 9

Facebook Spam


So yesterday I was blocked by a spammer. They tried to spam me! Someone hacked my friends account and tried to get me to click on a link. Instead of clicking the link, I did something else. And then the spammer blocked me. Winner winner chicken soup. See that at the bottom. “You cannot reply to this conversation” Ha! High Five, … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyFacebook Spam

Worry and Concern


I preached a sermon yesterday morning about worry. You can find it here, here, and here. In that sermon I mentioned that one of the problems with worry is that it can often disguise itself as concern. I received a text this morning from a very thoughtful member this morning saying, “Just a thought…Worry paralyzes you. Concern moves you to action. … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyWorry and Concern

404 Friday January 2


It seems like this year is going by so slow. What’s the deal? Does anyone else feel like 2015 is just dragging on and on? I do. I do indeed. I’ve tried to blog everyday this year, and it’s been tough. I’ve written three, maybe five hundred words already, and I’m exhausted. I spent yesterday watching sports television, which is … Read More

Benjamin Neeley404 Friday January 2

Today is a New Year


Today is a new day. If that little tidbit didn’t inspire you, read on my friends, because today is more than just a new day. Today is a new year. Yes siree, Jane! Suck all the caramel flavoring off that pill and swallow it. Today is a new year!! In fact, today is New Year’s day! Time to make some resolutions!! … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyToday is a New Year

Two Invitations

As I grew up, I became very acquainted with the typical invitation at the end of a sermon in the Church of Christ. Whether it was a flannel graph, a printed handout, or a chalk drawing, the invitation always involved a picture and an explanation. The teacher first showed us a staircase, a ladder, or any structure designed for ascent. … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyTwo Invitations

What Do You Mean?

 often see church advertisments, both in the newspaper and on church signs, claiming this or that particular church to be a Biblical church. The question I often have after such a sighting is, “What do you mean by Biblical?” My tone when asking such a question is in no way that of a sassy cynic. I do not immediately assume … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyWhat Do You Mean?

Bible Myth #8 – You Must Not Be Incorrect

I grew up in a tradition that believed it was right about everything. This sounds audacious but it is actually a common problem. Many traditions believe that their particular brand of Christianity is the most correct out of all the brands of Christianity, if not the only completely and totally correct tradition. I am not super offended by this belief. … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyBible Myth #8 – You Must Not Be Incorrect

Bible Myth #7 – The Bible is Easy

Last week we took a stab at the common belief that the Bible is too difficult. It turns out that the Bible is understandable and it can affect your life for the better. But let’s not get so smitten with the digestible nature of scripture that we fall victim to Myth #7. The Bible can be read and understood. Most people … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyBible Myth #7 – The Bible is Easy

Bible Myth #6 – The Bible is too Difficult

Studying the Bible is a daunting task, especially if you have never studied the Bible. You might not know where to start. You might not think you can understand all the different passages. You may even get confused and give up. Do not fear. Your worries, while grounded in some truth and maybe even some experience, are based on a … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyBible Myth #6 – The Bible is too Difficult

Bible Myth #5 – The Best Translation


As a student and teacher of the Bible, I am asked one question more than any other when it comes to Bible Study. “What’s the best translation?” I never actually answer this question because it assumes a very common myth about Bible study: The best translation of the Bible. This wild mythological creature is claimed to have been spotted all … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyBible Myth #5 – The Best Translation

Bible Myth #4 – Not Quite a Love Letter


Last week, we looked at the common, yet mistaken belief that the Bible is a book of rules. This week I would like to dive into an equally common idea that is also not the whole truth. The Bible is a our love letter from God.  Nope. God does indeed love you. The Bible contains written correspondence. Also, the Bible … Read More

Benjamin NeeleyBible Myth #4 – Not Quite a Love Letter